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Improving your Quality of Experience

Full HD video quality over a 5% losses link recovered without delay


Improving user quality of experience (QoE) is the inevitable today metric. Speeryt provides solutions to deliver high quality video over IP for IPTV and broadcasting companies.


Speeryt offers a broader range of services to extend our solutions to your specific context. Whenever you need it over a specific device or component, the Speeryt Team will find out the way to achieve your needs.


We are committed to providing the best to our customers and providing them with deployment support and assistance.

Who Are We

Speeryt is a company aiming at providing solutions based on erasure coding schemes for multimedia video transfert and storage.

Thanks to an innovative approach based on an on-the-fly encoding scheme, Speeryt develops products allowing to enable fully or partially reliable delivery of contents, potentially with real-time constraints, better and faster than the TCP protocol while TCP-friendly when requested, compared to traditional block FEC solutions. Furthermore, Speeryt proposes a unique innovative coding engine that improves the coding speed of erasure codes with polynomial ring transforms.


What We Do

Speeryt aims at improving your communication experience but let’s start with some definition and concrete examples…


Reliable transmissions over lossy channels are often either a must (e.g. in case of a file transfer) or a highly desired feature, even if a limited amount of losses may be tolerated (e.g. in case of video streaming). The origin of losses does not matter: it may be caused by bad reception conditions in case of wireless networks, or by IP datagram erasures in congested link.
The result is the same and a certain number of data packets are missing.​


Retransmitting lost packets is a solution and several multimedia applications heavily rely on TCP, even for video streaming services which lay on various adaptive streaming techniques. However retransmitting requires both that a feedback channel exists (to know what is lost) and that data arrive in due time although this is not necessarily the case with real-time video transmissions.


Adding redundancy to the flow of data sent, thanks to a FEC code, is another solution. A FEC code is a smart component that can calculate redundant packets from a set of data packets sent, and reciprocally that uses redundant packets to recover the missing data packets in case of losses at destination. However the usual approach consists in calculating redundant packets from a predetermined set of packets. The number of redundant packets can be either fixed or can depend on reception feedbacks. This can be used even if the feedback channel is limited and in case of real-time content.​


Basically Speeryt provides solutions that goes beyond these techniques, taking the best of them. Thanks to a unified encoding approach, Speeryt proposes solutions to both handle realtime and non-realtime transfers based on a unique innovative coding engine that improves the coding speed of erasure codes.


On-the-fly coding and TETRYS

Tetrys enables to repair packet losses on the fly at the receiving end without the need for retransmission. Compared with current FEC, only non-acknowledged but useful packets are considered during encoding, using a sliding window.


Usually, full reliability is only feasible if data is acknowledged by the receiver (or all the receivers with multicast transmissions), even lately. But full reliability is not necessarily what an application is requiring. Typically, a data packet may be useful only for a given time span. Think about a video frame. If the the frame arrives after the moment it should have been displayed, it’s of no use. In that case it’s wiser to drop it anyway. Tetrys will adapt to your repair strategy.


Tetrys is both an FEC coding scheme and a transport protocol. As such it can be applied in several different places in a protocol stack: below an application generating RTP packets for real-time video content, because of Tetrys exceptional benefits in terms of timely delivery of contents; below TCP where it can help recovering from losses in wireless channels. Here poor reception conditions heavily hinder TCP connections since TCP assumes losses are caused by congestion and backs off, which is of no benefit in case of bad signal/noise issues.


Tetrys and Tentet provides a unified content delivery service for both UDP and TCP that ensures a faster data availability to the receiving application compared to traditional techniques.
Conjointly used with Tentet algorithm, Tetrys is able to perform fairly with other TCP flows.


Pyrit is an add-on which improves the erasure coding speed with polynomial ring transforms. Compared to the best known implementations, the coding speeds are increased by a factor varying from 1.5 to 2 which is an asset for Tetrys over small computational devices and embedded systems.

Speeryt Team

Some words on the Speeryt team

As CEO and founder Alain works at developing the business and managing the operations. With a software engineering and business administration background, he has a long experience of managing projects and organisations in the high-tech industry. Most recently he had devoted his energy to developing tech SMEs as an freelance consultant.